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“Resistance is Fertile”: Occupy Albany Occupies May Day (Photos and Video)


Our park - until 11 PM. Because the authorities fear free expression.


Love this poster!


Framing was too easy


This guy wore fracking gear


Don't read too much into the symbolism of this photo


The Solidarity Singers


Gov. 1%


For the record, I supported the Federal Reserve's bailout of broken banks. If the Fed hadn't taken action, a lot more Americans would be collecting unemployment checks.


Ban fracking. Tax the rich. Right on!


Here’s a video of the Solidarity Singers performing “Whatever You Say Say Nothing” at the rally. It’s a chilling song about state surveillance (starts at 1:05).

At 11 PM, after the make-believe curfew had passed, police began arresting protesters.

Twenty protesters were arrested by State Police after 11 p.m. Tuesday as Occupy Albany returned to Lafayette Park.

The protesters stood behind a large banner that read “Resistance is Fertile.”

What do authorities fear from these protests? What’s so threatening about activists camping in a park?

For whatever reason, the police appear inordinately obsessed.

Earlier in the day, two men, 58-year-old Bruce Bisson of Melrose and 48-year-old Timothy Holmes of West Chazy, were taken into custody just before 11 a.m. as the leaderless anti-corporate movement was preparing for a daylong May Day protest in conjunction with other Occupy movements across the country.

State Police said the men were trying to erect an EZ Up shelter.

A woman, 47-year-old Joanne Farrell of Rensselaer, was arrested just after noon when roughly 125 demonstrators set out for a clamorous march across the city. The woman was setting up a table and would not fold it up, said State Police Maj. William S. Sprague.

A table that would not fold up! Oh the humanity!


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